The Buying Process

  • Buyers accept items that may sell within the sixty (60) day consignment period based on the season and store inventory.

  • Items are priced at about one-third (1/3) of the retail price, or at resale value.

  • Buyers will take into consideration if the consignor asks for a specific price.

  • Buyers will review items independently, due to the number of appointments.

  • Appointments don’t allow enough time for buyers to explain why they do/don’t accept items.  

  • Consignors who don’t remain at the store during their appointment must retrieve items not taken for consignment by the end of the day (including bags and hangers).

  • Items not picked up by the end of the appointment day are considered abandoned.

  • Consignors won’t be notified that abandoned items have been donated.

Consignor’s Responsibility

  • Check email for the list of items accepted on consignment.

  • Notify Anchor Chic if you are not receiving emails.

  • After receiving an email notification that your sixty (60) day consignment period is ending, respond by email if any remaining items should be prepared for pick-up or donation.

  • Allow a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice of planned pick-up time.

  • Pick up unsold items within seven (7) days of the end of the consignment period.

  • Items left seven (7) days after the end of the consignment period become the property of Anchor Chic and may be donated or disposed of.

  • Email is our primary way of communicating with consignors. We will email an inventorying of consigned items and alerts at the end of the consignment period. Consignors can opt to get an email notification each time an item sells.

  • Early Termination of Contract - Consignors who end their consignment contract before 45 days are subject to a $15 breach of contract fee.

  • Anchor Chic Consignment is not responsible for damaged or lost consigned items in the event water damage, fire, or theft.

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