It's been months, I want to shop!

I'm going crazy stuck inside with my family/roommates, give me a reason to leave the house. Please.

We re-opened June 16! You can drop in to shop during our new hours, Monday-Saturday 11a-4p.

Do I still need a shopping appointment?

We are no longer scheduling shopping appointments. We are open for walk-in shopping Monday-Saturday 11a-4p.

I want to consign.

What items are you accepting for consignment right now?

We’re looking for seasonal items in good condition.
Because of COVID-19, we're being very selective when choosing items for consignment. We look forward to considering more items for consignment during more precedented times.

When can I make a consignment appointment?

We're putting a temporary hold on new consignment appointments so we can work with consignors who missed their appointments while we were closed.

You can schedule a consignment appointment once we catch up!

I scheduled a consignment appointment that was on a date you were closed for, how do I get an appointment to make up for that?

We’re operating on a limited schedule, but we’re working hard to get in touch with all our consignors who need to reschedule. Canceled appointments are first in line to make new consignment appointments. We’ll reach out to consignors about canceled appointments by email.

We’re looking for seasonal items in good condition.

My account and credit.

How can I get my check

Let us know! We are mailing all checks right now. Email us with:

  • The name and email you used for your consignment account
  • Your mailing address.

What's going on with my consignor credit?

Your credit is still in our in-store database. Consignor credit doesn’t expire and will remain in the system.
If you’d like to use your consignor credit to shop online please let us know. We’ll transfer your balance to the webstore and let you know how to access it.

My sixty-day consignment has ended, what now?

If your items expired during our Covid-19 closure we are extending the consignment cycle so your items are available for purchase for as close to sixty days as possible.

(Example: Your items were on the sale floor for forty days, then the store closed. We will keep your items an additional 20 days after we open so your items have 60 days total of shopping availability)

If you want your items earlier let us know and we’ll arrange pick up.

I requested to pick up my expired items after you reopened for Phase II on June 16th, when and how can I pick up my items?

You can pick up your items anytime we're open, Monday-Saturday 11a-4p. If you prefer a contactless pick up give the store a call and we'll bring your items to your car in our parking lot. Please be patient when calling, as we have fewer employees in-store than we normally operate with.

You're selling online now.

I have some items I think would be good for the web store, can I make a consignment appointment specifically for online items?

Consignment appointments are for both in-store and web store items. If you have 10 items or less that you believe would be a good fit for the web store, you can email us photos for review at:

I haven’t received a notification email about my consigned items selling, but I see one of my items on the web store that’s sold, what’s going on?

Our online store is a separate system, and we log the sales separately.

Our in-store database is updated regularly and then you'll get updates and receive email notifications.

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