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Spring/Summer 2022 Pantone Color Predictions

Each season Pantone brings their color expertise to Fashion Week.

The Spring/Summer 2022 show season just wrapped up, since the fashion world operates six months ahead of the actual seasons. The bright, light shades are described as uplifting and familiar by Pantone.

The article acknowledges that the last two years of flexible work locations has changed fashion rules – the rigidity of dress codes has relaxed. The colors, Pantone says, allow for mixing and personalizing. They’re also notably more saturated than recent color trends.

In addition to the more colorful seasonal palette, Pantone includes a list of trending hues that have staying power of more than a season. Colors that have been recently popular and continue to show up through the Spring/Summer 2022 collections. The collection is easily recognizable as a neutral constant through recent and future seasons.

You can read the full article from Pantone to learn more about the colors and trend forecast for the future warmer months.

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