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Make an appointment at AnchorChicConsignment.com.

No need to check your schedule and pick a date and time – signing up holds your place in line. We’ll contact you about week before your name will come up.

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See the Consign page to sign up for an appointment and see what the estimated wait time is right now.

If you have ten or fewer items, you can email pictures to Consign@AnchorChicConsignment.com for our buyer to review.

At your appointment, bring clean items on hangers or in bags, baskets, or boxes. Our buyer will review the items and let you know which are good for consignment, which items will return with you, and which items would work for a different season.

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We look for items that fit the weather for the 60-day consignment cycle.

There are no restrictions on which brands we do and do not accept.

We primarily evaluate style and condition.

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If you’re a new consignor, we’ll go over your consignment contract. You'll keep a copy of your signed contract for your reference.

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The day after your items have been input in our system, you’ll get an email inventory of all consigned items.

Consignors have the option to be notified by email each time one of their items sells.

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When your 60-day consignment is finished you’ll get an expiration email listing your remaining consigned items.

You can respond to the email and let us know if you’d like to pick up all, some, or none of your items. If items aren’t picked up they’ll be donated.

This is also when consignors can request a check. If a consignor doesn’t request a check, their balance remains on their account as store credit.